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BL0T2D00H2 Steam Cylinder

SKU#: BL0T2D00H2
List Price: $285.12 Sale Price: $237.60
Product Description

Replacement BL0T2D00H0 575 volt 3 phase steam cylinder for your Carel humidifier. Rated at 20 to 30 pounds per hour for normal or high conductivity water.


Approximate Diameter:
7 (inches)
Overall Height:
14 1/4 (inches)
4 (lb)
Number of Electrical Connections:
1 8 kg of Steam per Hour
Maximal Internal Pressure:
.002 MPa
Steam Hose Size:
30 (mm)
Internal Strainer Type:
Replacement Schedule:
At Least Once per Year
O Ring
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Oct 24, 2016
Pinnacle Mechanical by ( )

The humidifier works great and it was exactly what I ordered.


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