Carel Troubleshooting Guide

We are the experts on Carel humidifiers. Most problems can be resolved by using the owner’s manual to narrow down the problem and paying attention to any error codes your unit may display. Below are links to owner’s manuals in PDF format. You will also find links to these owner’s manuals placed on the specific pages for each individual model. You can use your browsers print feature to make a hard copy for your personal use. The following links will provide you simple to understand answers to 90% of the questions we receive daily from our clients. If you do NOT find your answer in the manual, email or call us and we will happily answer your question.

 Carel Compact Steam Owners Manual

 Carel DS Owners Manual

 Carel Humifog Distribution Owners Manual

 Carel Humifog Pumping Station Owners Manual

 Carel MC Duct Modulating Style Owners Manual

 Carel MC On/Off Style Owners Manual

 Carel MC Room Modulating Style Owners Manual

 Carel MS Owners Manual

 Carel SD 2000 Owners Manual

 Carel UC Owners Manual

 Carel UE 001-065 Owners Manual

 Carel UE 90-130 Owners Manual

 Carel UEX Owners Manual

 Carel UG Owners Manual

 Carel UM Owners Manual

 Carel UR Owners Manual

 Carel Remote Sensor Owners Manual

 Carel Spark Plug Adaptor Kit Instuctions


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