Carel MS Series Humidifier Parts

We stock every part for the Carel MS Mini Steam Series Electrode Steam humidifier ever made. Our technical support team can assist you should you have any questions about your Carel MS humidifier. Remember to replace your Carel Steam Cylinder at least once per year for optimal operation. Most Carel Steam humidifiers will bring up a warning sign when the steam Cylinder fails. Unfortunately you must view the unit periodically to know when it is time. We recommend you replace the steam tank at least once per year for residential applications and more often for commercial and industrial humidification needs.

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1209587AGM Thumb Screw 5 Lobe

Carel Thumb Screw

More info & photos
1209587AGM List Price: $12.10 Sale Price: $10.08

1312331AXX Fill Hose

Fill Hose

More info & photos
1312331AXX List Price: $32.83 Sale Price: $27.36

1312348AXX Shaped Fill Hose

Shaped Fill Hose

More info & photos
1312348AXX List Price: $39.74 Sale Price: $33.12

1312538AXX Motor Fan for VSDS and VRDS

Motor Fan for VSDS and VRDS

More info & photos
1312538AXX List Price: $293.76 Sale Price: $244.80

13C119A003 Fill Cup

Carel Fill Cup

More info & photos
13C119A003 List Price: $55.30 Sale Price: $46.08

18C344A004 Bottom Sump

Carel Bottom Sump

More info & photos
18C344A004 List Price: $41.47 Sale Price: $34.56

9995642ACA Fill Valve

Carel Fill Valve

More info & photos
9995642ACA List Price: $155.52 Sale Price: $129.60

CDA3030PE0 Control Board - On/Off Or Proportional W/ TAM

Control Board - On/Off Or Proportional W/ TAM (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

More info & photos
CDA3030PE0 List Price: $9,999.99

CDALED0000 LED Display

LED Display

More info & photos
CDALED0000 List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99

CHKWCF0000 Fitting, Supply Water

Carel Water Supply Fitting

More info & photos
CHKWCF0000 List Price: $43.20 Sale Price: $36.00

CHOSE00516 Rubber Condensate Hose, 5/16

Rubber Condensate Hose, 5/16 ID

More info & photos
CHOSE00516 List Price: $6.91 Sale Price: $5.76

Portable Conductivity Meter

Carel Conductivity Meter

More info & photos
CONDMETER List Price: $207.00 Sale Price: $19.95

HC-101 Humidistat - Wall Mount On/Off C type

Carel Humidistat

More info & photos
HC101 List Price: $183.17 Sale Price: $152.64

HC-201 Humidistat - Duct Mount Hi-Limit

Carel Humidistat - High Limit

More info & photos
HC201 List Price: $266.11 Sale Price: $221.76

KITCONCDA1 Connector Kit

Connector Kit

More info & photos
KITCONCDA1 List Price: $72.58 Sale Price: $60.48

KITVSCOMP0 Drain Valve

Carel Drain Valve

More info & photos
KITVSCOMP0 List Price: $267.84 Sale Price: $223.20

L201MA0000 Steam Cylinder

Carel Steam Cylinder

More info & photos
L201MA0000 List Price: $160.70 Sale Price: $133.92

L401TA0000 Steam Cylinder

Carel Steam Cylinder

More info & photos
L401TA0000 List Price: $228.10 Sale Price: $190.08

LEVELSENCON Connector For Level Sensor Probe

Carel Connector For Level Sensor Probe

More info & photos
LEVELSENCON List Price: $2.16 Sale Price: $1.80

PC-301 Air Flow Switch - Duct Mount

Carel Air Flow Switch

More info & photos
PC301 List Price: $145.15 Sale Price: $120.96

SDPOEM0022 Duct Distributor

Carel Duct Distributor

More info & photos
SDPOEM0022 List Price: $127.87 Sale Price: $106.56

SHOSE00022 Steam Hose, 22 MM

Steam Hose, 22 MM

More info & photos
SHOSE00022 List Price: $17.28 Sale Price: $14.40

SHOSE00030 Steam Hose, 30 MM

Steam Hose, 30 MM

More info & photos
SHOSE00030 List Price: $22.46 Sale Price: $18.72

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