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E201MA0000 Steam Cylinder

SKU#: E201MA0000
List Price: $285.12 Sale Price: $237.60
Product Description

Replacement 1 phase steam cylinder for your Carel humidifier.


Approximate Diameter:
7 (inches)
Overall Height:
15 (inches)
2 (lb) 8 (oz)
Number of Electrical Connections:
1.8 6 kg of Steam per Hour
Maximal Internal Pressure:
.002 MPa
Steam Hose Size:
30 (mm)
Replacement Schedule:
At Least Once per Year
O Ring
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Product Reviews

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Jan 28, 2016
Necessary but costly by Ken Khoury (Montreal QC CA)

A necessary maintenance part that requires frequent periodic changing: Essentially a plastic reservoir resistant to high temperatures - Price at over $235 US (PLUS shipping, taxes, customs, brokerage, etc.) comes out far too expensive. Well made, but user must assure that nuts on threaded power connections are adequately tightened. Otherwise, steam will penetrate/escape and ruin/melt the connection and any nearby components.

Nov 28, 2012
Steam cylinder by Robert cooper (Bridgman Mi US)

I have used the product for several years. I need to replace them twice a cow inter because the electrode plate scales up and is impossible to clean. What causes this ? What can I do to get more life out of the canisters? Service ordering them is fine


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